DCMF signs MOU with Childhood Cultural Centre to promote media literacy

Doha Centre for Media Freedom signed a memorandum of understanding with Childhood Cultural Centre on October 8, 2012, to collaborate on projects aimed at promoting media literacy. 

The MOU was signed between the General Director of DCMF, Jan Keulen and Dr. Ali Al Kubaisi, Children Cultural Centre’s Chairman. 

Speaking on the occasion, Keulen said, “It is not only a basic human right to express yourself but it is also your right to seek information and this is where media literacy becomes so important.” 

“Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and to create messages across a variety of platforms. It is all about empowering children and creating information societies,” he added. 

Dr. Hend Al Muftah, Managing Director of the Childhood Cultural Centre, hopes to empower the younger generation in the field of media through this partnership. “We are looking forward to working with junior reporters from DCMF who will be covering our events and DCMF team training our media staff.” 

The memorandum aims at creating a generation that understands the concept of media and press freedom, and possesses skills required in the media field. 

“Media freedom and journalism are so closely linked, because there can be no sustainable media freedom without a professional exercise of journalism,” said Keulen. 

DCMF will be collaborating with the Childhood Cultural Center for various projects. “We have agreed to nominate students who will be trained to do news broadcasts that will be available on our social media channels,” said Rania Khaled Al Husseini, senior coordinator for the media literacy programme. 

Media Literacy programme at DCMF targets the youth in Qatar from the age of 8-18 years. It aims to explore, clarify and understand the essence of news production and the importance of press freedom. 

Source: DCMF: http://www.dc4mf.org/en/node/2578