GAPMIL’s statement on the occasion of the International Youth Day, 2014

This year’s International Youth Day focuses on “Youth and Mental Health”,
under the motto, “Mental Health Matters”. On this occasion of International
Youth Day 2014, the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and
Information Literacy (GAPMIL) salutes young people around the world and
reiterates the importance of MIL in the development of youth. MIL can be a
catalyst for raising awareness about the difficulties facing young people,
including such issues as cyber bullying and discrimination, and their potential
negative effects such as depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and
low esteem.
The mental health of young people truly does matter, and we urge all MIL
enthusiasts around the world to use the occasion of the International Youth
Day to help young people achieve their full potential and highlight the role of
MIL in this regard.
At the level of GAPMIL, we shall continue to pursue programmes and initiatives
that put the health and well-being of young people on the forefront of global
The Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy
(GAPMIL) is committed to supporting children and youth in their efforts to
engage in meaningful participation in our world which is driven by information,
media and technology. Media and information literacy (MIL) is concerned with
developing citizens’ critical understanding of information and media, as well as
the roles these play in all aspects of their daily lives and in society as a whole.
MIL is also concerned with supporting young people to become active citizens
as they navigate the plethora of information and media messages that they
encounter, and as they explore the potential positive and negative aspects of
information and media content.
The type of information we access, whether through electronic media, Internet,
books, or face-to-face interactions can influence our behavior, the way we see
ourselves and others. Media and information literacy competencies and access
to media and information technology are all important to ensure children’s
and youth’s full-fledged development and participation in inclusive, just and
healthy societies.
GAPMIL was launched in June 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria, by UNESCO, UNAOC,
and other partners, during the Global Forum for Partnerships on MIL,
incorporating the International Conference on MIL and Intercultural Dialogue.
It aims to promote media and information literacy (MIL) as a means to open
and inclusive development. For more information on GAPMIL, please
GAPMIL, International Steering Committee