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UNESCO invites youth to share thoughts on MIL by completing online questionnaire

UNESCO invites youth to share thoughts by completing the questionnaire below. It is divided into three parts and should be completed over a three-day period. Please do not complete this questionnaire if you are enrolled in the ongoing UNESCO and Athabasca University massively open online media and information literacy course. If you are a young

UNAOC and IOM PLURAL+ discussion guides (multilingual)

The UNAOC and IOM have put together, with support from the Open Society Foundation, PLURAL+ Discussion Guides. PLURAL+ is a Youth Video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion. Short videos produced by youth on these very timely topics. The guides are available in English, French, Arabic and Spanish: http://pluralplus.unaoc.org/plural-discussion-guides-multilingual/ They are an excellent resource