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Manchester to host next World Summit on Media for Children in 2017

The event takes place once in three years. 1500 delegates from around the world will attend and see the latest goings on in media for children. The summit will take place in December 2017, with a theme ‘The Universal Needs of Children’. It will look at empowerment, learning, entertainment, connection and protection through talks, masterclasses,

Camera, action! Promoting expression through film

By Sam Waller KAMPOT, Cambodia, 16th June, 2015: Someone is balanced atop a pillar, with their video camera poking out between palm branches. Another young person sprawls out on the floor, to get their lens as close as possible to the ground. A group of three deaf students discuss their next shot using Cambodian Sign

UNICEF, AFRICMIL hold New Media training for students and youth in Nigeria

As media and information saturate our lives, it is vital that students and youth learn to decode media messages and images, to ask critical questions about who is creating them and for what purpose and to be produce their own media to give themselves a voice. This knowledge is important and fundamental in helping young