UNESCO invites youth to share thoughts on MIL by completing online questionnaire

UNESCO invites youth to share thoughts by completing the questionnaire below. It is divided into three parts and should be completed over a three-day period.

Please do not complete this questionnaire if you are enrolled in the ongoing UNESCO and Athabasca University massively open online media and information literacy course.

If you are a young girl or boy between the ages 14 and 25 years this call is for you.

Your participation is crucial and will help to inform UNESCO’s design and expansion of its media and information literacy programme globally. Please see details about prizes below.

Media and information literacy affords youth with skills or competencies to effectively and critically engage with media and technology, participating in and advocating for ethical use of information and media, free expression and access to information, privacy, gender equality, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, global citizenship and hate content online.

Share your thoughts on these issues by completing the survey.

UNESCO values young people. The voices of youth count. Youth are not only the future of tomorrow. They are now. They are today. They are contributing to change and peace in this generation.

Please read the introductory paragraph at the beginning of the questionnaire carefully before starting.

There will be a draw for two prizes in the form of a two-week fellowship to visit a university in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe or other regions of the world to be announced. The prize will be offered, by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, to two young persons who fully complete all three parts of the questionnaire.